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Summer School at the Barcelona School of Economics offers the unique opportunity to study at a top European institution in one of the world's most exciting summer destinations.

ENTER Jamboree 2022 hosted by UAB

The 2022 ENTER Jamboree will take place at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona on June 20 and 21, 2022. The European Network For Training in Economic Research (ENTER) is a cooperative venture between eight leading European Economics Departments, that aims at fostering internationally competitive research of the highest possible quality, by broadening the base for competent supervision and intensive interaction towards research in Economics.

The Coalition Theory Network (CTN) is an association of nine high-level scientific institutions whose aim is the advancement and diffusion of research in the area of network theory and coalition formation. This year's Workshop will be organized around three main research topics: coalition formation, matching, and networks.

Upcoming Events

Forthcoming Papers

  • "Constrained Pseudo-Market Equilibrium", Federico Echenique, Antonio Miralles, Jun Zhang, American Economic Review

  • "Informal Risk Sharing with Local Information", Attila Ambrus, Wayne Gao, and Pau Milán, The Review of Economic Studies

  • "School Choice Design, Risk Aversion, and Cardinal Segregation", Caterina Calsamiglia, Martínez-Mora, Antonio Miralles, Economic Journal

  • "Experience of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Support for Safety-Net Expansion" A. Rees-Jones, J. D'attoma, Amedeo Piolatto, L. Salvadori Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

  • "Value-Free Reductions", David Pérez-Castrillo and Chaoran Sun, Games and Economic Behavior

  • "Organizational Structure and Technological Investment", Inés Macho-Stadler, Noriaki Matsumisha, and Ryusuke Shinohara, Journal of Industrial Economics

  • "The proportional ordinal Shapley solution for pure exchange economies", by David Pérez-Castrillo and Chaoran Sun, Games and Economic Behavior

Seminars and Workshops

Working Papers

Our faculty's working papers can be found in the Barcelona School of Economics Working Paper Series. Contributions to the working paper series are open to all Affiliated Professors and Post-Docs of the BSE. The BSE also releases the BSE Focus: a blog that reviews the research of the BSE community, written for a broad audience.

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